Art of Chemistry

Welcome to Art of Chemistry.
Original canvas paintings inspired by the beauty of science.

The online gallery is continuously updated with the paintings currently available for purchase. Please browse through to find out more about each one. I hope you find something you like.

The designs. All the paintings are based on common molecules. The shapes loosely represent the way the atoms of the molecules pack together or interact with one another. They are not intended to be scientifically accurate. All are unique and individually painted using acrylic on canvas.

Background. With a BSc in Chemistry from Manchester University and a PhD in DNA crystal structures from Cambridge University, I know that nature, even at the atomic & molecular level, has a symmetry and simplicity that makes it beautiful to look at. Much of the modern art available to decorate your home consists of abstract shapes which look good but don't mean anything. With my paintings I aim to bring these ideas together to create artwork which is both beautiful to look at and meaningful to scientists and non-scientists alike.

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